Rosie O'Donnell Loses $150,000 On Her House In 7 Months

With the demise of her Chicago based television show Rosie O’Donnell listed her home for sale after owning it for only 5 months.  The single family home at 1517 W Grace in Chicago’s Lake View neighborhood went under contract in only one day and closed on April 4 for $2,102,750, which is roughly $150,000 below her purchase price back in September.
A few thoughts:

  • I’m sure she didn’t really care that she lost $150,000 on the house since she has plenty of money and probably just wanted to be done with it.
  • I would also imagine that this house didn’t really sell in 1 day. A lot of times there are back room dealings on these transactions and the realtor puts the house on the MLS after the fact in order to get credit for the transaction.
  • Once again this was a dual agency situation. Not a good arrangement for the buyer and seller. I’m always surprised by this.
  • The same agent closed this transaction as the original one. She is clearly making a fortune on this house, having now received 4 commissions in 7 months.

0 thoughts on “Rosie O'Donnell Loses $150,000 On Her House In 7 Months

  1. That comes to about $20-25K a month in rent, which I’m sure a lady of Ms O’Donnell’s status is quite use to paying.
    The realtor who made a fortune on this house — i’m betting she earned every penny considering the personalities that were involved.

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