Older couple discussing real estate transaction.


“Most agents spend their time looking for clients. I spend my time closing deals.”

Denise Mitchell,
Lucid Realty Agent

Join the Lucid Team

Lucid believes that the traditional independent contractor model just doesn’t work very well. Brokerages hire as many real estate agents as possible without regard for their income potential because each real estate agent represents an incremental income opportunity.

Furthermore, it’s totally ineffective for each real estate agent to market themselves and build their own business under the umbrella of a handful of mass marketed brokerages that all look the same.

Even worse, agents spend about half their time prospecting. Lucid agents do not need to do any prospecting thanks to our reputation and steady growth. But if they do, we reward them.

The Lucid model maximizes your income potential.

  • You get charged no fees or marketing costs
  • You get an attractive split on commissions
  • You get all marketing, photography, printing and prospecting handled by Lucid
  • You get solid, qualified leads on buyers and sellers from Lucid
  • You get to devote 100% of your time to working on real estate transactions

Join Lucid Realty – it’s the smartest career move you can make.

We’re looking for smart, experienced, highly customer service focused candidates. If you’re tired of paying too much for marketing and commissions at your current brokerage and want to put your passion and high-volume performance to good use, give us a call.

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