Chicago Condominiums Directory 1 – 2899

The table below is a partial list of the major condo, loft, and townhome developments in Chicago along with some basic information. In some cases the building or development name links to additional information on that complex.

Condo Complex NameAddressListingsNeighborhoodYear Built#Floors# Units
1 E Schiller St1 E. Schiller StListingsGold Coast19642378
1 E Scott1 E. ScottListingsGold Coast1968High Rise240
10 E Delaware10 E. DelawareListingsGold Coast2009High Rise121
100 E Bellevue Place100 E. Bellevue PlaceListingsGold Coast1971High Rise170
1000 N. Lake Shore Drive1000 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsGold Coast1953High Rise184
1000 West Lofts1000 W. WashingtonListingsWest Loop19105183
1014 W. Byron1014 W. ByronListingsLake View59
1015 N. Kingsbury1015 N. KingsburyListings216
1024 W. 35th Street1024 W. 35th StreetListingsBridgeport2007158
1055 N. Kingsbury1055 N. KingsburyListings2004102
1069 W. Chestnut St1069 W. Chestnut StListingsWicker Park200181
10901 S. Longwood Dr10901 S. Longwood DrListingsMorgan Park1971480
110 E Delaware Pl110 E. Delaware PlListingsGold Coast198868
1110 N. Lake Shore Drive1110 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsGold Coast197470
1111 Wabash1111 S. WabashListingsSouth Loop200334247
1120 N. Lake Shore Drive1120 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsGold Coast192461
1122 N. Dearborn1122 N. DearbornListingsGold Coast1999104
1130 N. Dearborn1130 N. DearbornListingsGold CoastHigh Rise264
1150 Condo1150 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsGold Coast1957High Rise247
1200 W. Pratt Ave1200 W. Pratt AveListingsEast Rogers Park191782
1201 S. Prairie1201 S. PrairieListingsSouth Loop200854298
1211 N. Lasalle1211 N. LasalleListingsOld Town68
1212 N. Lake Shore Drive1212 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsGold Coast197036180
1240 N. Lake Shore Drive1240 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsGold Coast19763258
1250 N. Dearborn1250 N. DearbornListingsGold Coast1989High Rise100
1255 S. State1255 S. StateListingsSouth Loop2007High Rise253
1300 N. Lake Shore Drive1300 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsGold CoastHigh Rise142
1309 N. Sutton Place1309 N. Sutton PlaceListingsOld Town197850
1309 N. Wells1309 N. WellsListingsOld Town199080
1339 N. Dearborn1339 N. DearbornListingsGold Coast1972High Rise112
1340-1344 N. Dearborn1340-1344 N. DearbornListingsGold Coast196987
1400 Museum Park100 E. 14th St.ListingsSouth Loop200832250
1400 S. Michigan1400 S. MichiganListingsSouth Loop200528270
1415 N. Dearborn1415 N. DearbornListingsGold Coast1973High Rise96
1415 W. Lunt Ave1415 W. Lunt AveListingsEast Rogers Park197052
1436 S. Prairie1436 S. PrairieListingsSouth Loop199569
1437 S. Prairie1437 S. PrairieListingsSouth Loop2001High Rise84
1440 N. Lake Shore Drive1440 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsGold Coast34218
1448 N. Lake Shore Drive1448 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsGold Coast19281952
1510 S. Throop1510 S. ThroopListingsRiver NorthHigh Rise231
1515 Michigan Ave Lofts1525 S. MichiganListingsSouth Loop1928Low Rise52
1516 N. State1516 N. StateListingsGold Coast1974High Rise64
1529 S. State1529 S. StateListingsGold Coast2001High Rise143
1540 N. State1540 N. StateListingsGold Coast1970High Rise64
1550 N. Lake Shore Drive1550 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsGold Coast1960High Rise204
1555 S. Wabash1555 S. WabashListingsSouth Loop2009High Rise176
15th Street Lofts1503 S. StateListingsSouth Loop2004Mid Rise78
1620 South Michigan1620 S. MichiganListingsSouth Loop2006High Rise249
1600 Museum Park1629 S. PrairieListingsSouth Loop2008High Rise268
1633 E. Hyde Park Blvd1633 E. Hyde Park BlvdListingsHyde Park191155
1660 N. Lasalle1660 N. LasalleListingsLincoln Park1973High Rise492
1700 E. 56th Street1700 E. 56th StreetListingsHyde Park1970High Rise369
1709 N. Crilly Court1709 N. Crilly CourtListingsLincoln Park2006590
1712 S. Prairie1712 S. PrairieListingsSouth Loop201034/45271
1720 S. Michigan1720 S. MichiganListingsSouth Loop200733498
1727 S. Indiana1727 S. IndianaListingsSouth LoopHigh Rise116
1819 S. Michigan1819 S. MichiganListingsSouth Loop2007High Rise94
18th Street Lofts1801 S. MichiganListingsSouth Loop199854
1935 W. Albion1935 W. AlbionListingsEast Rogers ParkLow Rise92
2 E. Erie Condos2 E. ErieListingsRiver North200239254
2 East Oak2 E. OakListingsGold Coast196939304
200 E. Delaware200 E. DelawareListingsStreeterville197437184
2000 N. Lincoln Park West2000 N. Lincoln Park WestListingsLincoln Park193116195
2001 S. Calumet2001 S. CalumetListingsSouth Loop1976759
201 E. Chestnut201 E. ChestnutListingsStreeterville196723120
2020 N. Lincoln Park West2020 N. Lincoln Park WestListingsLincoln Park197139433
2039 S. Prairie2039 S. PrairieListingsSouth LoopHigh Rise146
21 E. Chestnut21 E. ChestnutListingsGold Coast196323162
2100 S. Prairie2100 S. PrairieListingsSouth Loop2008High Rise87
2115 W. Farwell Ave2115 W. Farwell AveListingsWest Rogers Park1953564
212 E. Cullerton212 E. CullertonListingsBridgeport2003High Rise153
2144 N. Lincoln Park West2144 N. Lincoln Park WestListingsLincoln Park197190
225 S. Sangamon225 S. SangamonListingsWest Loop2007Mid Rise82
230 E. Ontario230 E. OntarioListingsStreeterville1969High Rise144
230 N. Stetson230 N. StetsonListingsNew East Side201074519
2300 N. Commonwealth2300 N. CommonwealthListingsLincoln ParkMid Rise72
2315 S. Wabash2315 S. WabashListingsNear South Side2008Low Rise62
24 S. Morgan St24 S. Morgan StListingsWest Loop200775
2400 E. 95th Street2400 E. 95th StreetListingsCalumet Heights80
2400 N. Lake View2400 N. Lake ViewListingsLincoln Park197530264
2405 W. 32nd St2405 W. 32nd StListingsLittle Village200769
2427 W. 32nd St2427 W. 32nd StListingsMcKinley Park200869
2440 N. Lake View2440 N. Lake ViewListingsLincoln Park19241897
2441 W. 36th St2441 W. 36th StListingsBrighton Park2008Mid Rise134
2500 N. Lake View2500 N. Lake ViewListingsLincoln Park197535155
2520 N. Lake View Ave2520 N. Lake View AveListingsLincoln Park200922/31/38306
253 E. Delaware253 E. DelawareListingsGold Coast1957High Rise164
2606 W. Balmoral Ave2606 W. Balmoral AveListingsBudlong Woods58
2625 N. Clark2625 N. ClarkListingsLincoln Park198320133
2626 N. Lake View2626 N. Lake ViewListingsLincoln Park1968492
2650 N. Lake View2650 N. Lake ViewListingsLincoln Park197244399
2700 Hampden Court2700 N. Hampden CtListingsLincoln Park19712595
2724 W. Byron St2724 W. Byron StListingsNorth Center200656
2734 S. Wentworth St2734 S. Wentworth StListingsBridgeport200460
2738 W. Armitage2738 W. ArmitageListingsLogan Square200452
2800 N. Lake Shore Drive2800 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsLake View1969High Rise655
2800 N. Orchard2800 N. OrchardListingsLake View1986Low Rise58