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Chicago Area Discount Real Estate Services

Full-service while still saving big money! That’s a no-brainer.

$4038 average cash back for buyers.
$3339 average commission savings for sellers.

Lucid Gives You Full Service at a Fraction of the Cost

Typical brokers have only one goal: complete as many transactions as quickly as possible with the highest commission so they can move on to the next sale. In fact, they are so focused on commission, they’re not concerned about maximizing your profits because a few extra thousand dollars on the sale won’t mean a lot to their commission. But it means a lot to you.

Because of our expertise and proven process, Lucid can offer top-notch service at a phenomenal value, whether you are buying or selling. Buyers get rebates. Sellers pay low commissions. We also offer Relocations Services and Investor Services. No matter what type of transaction you need help with, you’ll get superior savings without sacrificing anything on service.

Smart Buyers get cash back.

Lucid gives generous rebates for savvy homebuyers like you – money that usually goes to agent commissions. Instead, we give it to you and you can use that money for closing costs, furnishings and more.

Smart Sellers save up to 50%.

Lucid offers discount commissions. We don’t charge a flat commission like other real estate brokers. Instead, we use a sliding scale where the commission percentage decreases as the selling price increases.

Smart Investors maximize profits.

Lucid gives you rebates varying from 20% to 50% of the cooperating commission that we earn as your buyer’s agent. Your profits go up without a drop in service and support.

Smart Relocators let us do the heavy lifting.

Lucid can help with relocation if you’re doing it yourself or if you are in an employer-sponsored program. We save the day by saving you time and money whether you are moving to or from the Chicago Area or suburbs.

We can help save you money when you buy or sell a home.

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