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Imagine getting $4,038* cash back on your home purchase.

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Lucid has revolutionized Chicago Area real estate with the real estate commission rebate.

Gary Lucido, president at Lucid Realty, along with his partner, Sari Levy, realized real estate brokers are getting overpaid for their services – and buyers were paying the price. We built Lucid Realty on the premise of making a living, not a killing and this enables us to give our home buying clients a real estate commission rebate (cash back) at closing. With our unique model, we are able to reduce our business expenses that come with finding new customers such as marketing and advertising costs and we pass that savings on to our buyers.

Not only is Lucid Realty providing these savings to consumers, we are doing it while providing an extremely high level of customer satisfaction. Our clients rate us 5 stars on Yelp, Google, and Zillow and we have consistently ranked in the Chicago Association of Realtors Top Producers.

Our rebates vary from 20% to 50% of the cooperating commission we earn by representing you in the purchase of a property.

Lucid gives significant money back to smart buyers.

  1. You get part of the commission that the seller’s agent pays us*
  2. You get a higher percentage on more expensive homes
  3. You get a percentage of any buyer’s agent bonuses we get

I’m making the rounds, posting on every site I can find because I genuinely LOVE Lucid’s business model, their honesty, and their results. If you are looking for an agency you can trust to put your interests first, with experts to guide you through the whole process who are immediately accessible: THIS! IS! IT! You will save a ton of money, a ton of time, and get great service along the way.

– S. Stevenson, Zillow Review

See how much you can save with the Lucid Realty Buyer Rebate Program:

Purchase PriceCash Rebate
$200,000get a $1000 rebate
$500,000get a $3125 rebate
$750,000get a $6463 rebate
$1,000,000get a $12,500 rebate
$2,000,000get a $25,000 rebate

Calculate Your Rebate

Estimated Rebate*

Lucid is Your Expert Home Buying Partner from Pre-approval to Closing

Lucid’s expertise is at your disposal throughout your entire homebuying journey. While many other agents focus only on commissions, our business model is built on premium service and providing substantial savings to you.

Lucid is a full-service real estate company that provides substantial savings to home buyers without sacrificing superior service.

  • You get a highly responsive real estate agent working for you
  • You get objective advice on property values backed up with data
  • You get an agent who is a highly skilled negotiator
  • You get insights on important questions to ask, including homeowners’ associations, property repairs and maintenance, home systems and more
  • You get an agent who monitors and communicates each step in the process

We can help save you money on your home purchase.

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You will have one designated real estate agent who will become your partner in your home purchase. They will be your single point of contact throughout the entire purchase process. However, that agent will be supported by a team including a Managing Broker and marketing assistant.

No. A homebuyer’s realtor is paid from the listing agent’s commission who works for the seller. Lucid Realty gives you Rebates that are taken from the commission that they earn from the seller’s agent. A traditional brokerage simply pockets the entire commission.

Many consumers believe real estate commissions are too high, and they are right- there is plenty of room to share the money with homebuyers. With the technological advances and availability of real estate data, the commission rates have yet to holistically adjust accordingly.

While buyers love our commission rebates, our reputation for service is unsurpassed. And our realtors actually make more than the average realtor because they don’t have to spend half their time looking for new customers as do traditional real estate agents. Buyers have so much access to data with online websites and many homebuyers are taking on more of the work during the home search process.

Most brokerage models are built on getting their commission and moving on to the next sale. Lucid is built around superior service, optimized profitability, and business growth based on customer satisfaction.

A $500K purchase is not twice the work of a $250K purchase, yet the commission paid to the buyer’s agent would typically be double, thus our ability to provide a higher rebate percentage for higher-priced homes – up to 50% of our commission – and still make a profit.

*Commission rebates are paid to homebuyers who have signed an exclusive buyer’s agreement with Lucid Realty and close on real estate purchased above $200,000 with Lucid Realty under that agreement. Rebates depend upon the cooperating commission paid but are usually at least 10% of the commission plus incentives actually received by Lucid Realty at the close of the transaction for representing the buyer, net of any allowances or other deductions related to the transaction. Rebates on more expensive homes can be as high as 50% of the cooperating commission. Rebates on short sales will be lower as a result of additional effort required and are also subject to approval by seller’s lender. Speak to your Lucid Realty broker for details on how much you can expect to save.