Chicago Condominiums Directory 2900 – 6099

The table below is a partial list of the major condo, loft, and townhome developments in Chicago along with some basic information. In some cases the building or development name links to additional information on that complex.

Condo Complex NameAddressListingsNeighborhoodYear Built#Floors# Units
2909 N. Sheridan2909 N. SheridanListingsLake View East1952High Rise223
2930 N. Sheridan2930 N. SheridanListingsLake View East1968High Rise252
2970 N. Lake Shore Drive2970 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsLake View East1963High Rise96
30 E. Division St30 E. Division StListingsGold Coast1973High Rise72
30 E. Elm St30 E. Elm StListingsGold Coast196019126
30 E. Huron30 E. HuronListingsRiver North198056460
310 S. Michigan310 S. MichiganListingsLoop1924High Rise210
3110 N. Sheridan3110 N. SheridanListingsLake View East1963High Rise110
3150 N. Lake Shore Drive3150 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsLake View East1963High Rise204
3150 N. Sheridan3150 N. SheridanListingsLake View East197629105
3177 N. Hudson Ave3177 N. Hudson AveListingsLake View2007 56
3180 N. Lake Shore Drive3180 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsLake View East195423176
320 W. Oakdale320 W. OakdaleListingsLake View East19562154
3201 N. Ashland Ave3201 N. Ashland AveListingsLake View Mid Rise132
3224 S. Western Ave3224 S. Western AveListingsMcKinley Park  69
33 E. Cedar33 E. CedarListingsGold Coast1958High Rise126
33 W. Huron33 W. HuronListingsGold Coast1998High Rise67
3300 N. Lake Shore Drive3300 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsLake View East19291684
3300 W. Irving Park3300 W. Irving ParkListingsIrving Park2004 55
333 S. Des Plaines St333 S. Des Plaines StListingsLoop2003 75
336 W. Wellington336 W. WellingtonListingsLake View196526120
340 On The Park340 E. RandolphListingsNew East Side200764344
3410-3420 N. Lake Shore Drive3410-3420 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsLake View1955High Rise220
3423 S. Cottage Grove3423 S. Cottage GroveListingsDouglas1989High Rise240
3430-3440 N. Lake Shore Drive3430-3440 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsLake View1957 High Rise220
345 Fullerton Parkway345 W. FullertonListingsLincoln Park197230216
345 W. Superior345 W. SuperiorListingsRiver North1998 56
3470 N. Lake Shore Drive3470 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsLake View East1968High Rise62
3500 N. Lake Shore Drive3500 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsLake View East1927High Rise64
3520 N. Lake Shore Drive3520 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsLake View East1924High Rise166
3534 N. Lake Shore Drive3534 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsLake View East1923High Rise165
3550 N. Lake Shore Drive3550 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsLake View East196327728
3600 N. Lake Shore Drive3600 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsLake View East1960High Rise640
3608-3618 S. Artesian Ave3608-3618 S. Artesian AveListingsBrighton Park2007Mid Rise134
3630 N. Harlem Ave3630 N. Harlem AveListingsDunning1960 60
36-38 N. Menard36-38 N. MenardListingsOak Park1958  
3642 S. Artesian Ave3642 S. Artesian AveListingsBrighton Park2008Mid Rise134
3729 N. Milwaukee3729 N. MilwaukeeListingsIrving Park1972High Rise 
3730-3740 N. Lake Shore Drive3730-3740 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsLake View East19241662
3750 N. Lake Shore Drive3750 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsLake View East1926High Rise132
3800 N. Lake Shore Drive3800 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsLake View East1925High Rise95
3825 N. Pine Grove Ave3825 N. Pine Grove AveListingsLake View East1977595
3900 N. Lake Shore Drive3900 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsLake View East1960High Rise240
3911 N. Western Ave3911 N. Western AveListingsNorth Center2008 86
3950 N. Fairfield Ave3950 N. Fairfield AveListingsNorth Center  56
3950 N. Lake Shore Drive3950 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsLake View East195623660
40 E. Cedar St40 E. Cedar StListingsGold Coast1970 75
40 E. Delaware Pl40 E. Delaware PlListingsGold Coast1920 75
400 E. Ohio400 E. OhioListingsRiver North1984High Rise182
400 N. Lasalle400 N. LasalleListingsRiver North2003High Rise415
401 N. Lasalle401 N. LasalleListingsRiver North2003High Rise400
41 E. 8th41 E. 8thListingsSouth Loop2002High Rise220
4131 W. Belmont Ave4131 W. Belmont AveListingsBelmont Gardens2008 54
415 W. Aldine415 W. AldineListingsLake View1927 60
4200 N. Marine Drive4200 N. Marine DriveListingsBuena Park1952High Rise64
426 W. Barry426 W. BarryListingsLake View1964 52
430 E. North Water430 E. North WaterListingsRiver North1997 52
4300 N. Marine Drive4300 N. Marine DriveListingsBuena Park1929 90
4300 W. Ford City4300 W. Ford CityListingsScottsdale1968High Rise140
4314 N. Clarendon Ave4314 N. Clarendon AveListingsSheridan Park1915 56
435 E. Illinois435 E. IllinoisListingsRiver North High Rise241
437 W. Division St437 W. Division StListingsCabrini Green High Rise128
4436-4440 N. Damen4436-4440 N. DamenListingsRavenswood  52
445 N. Mcclurg Ct445 N. Mcclurg CtListingsStreeterville1997High Rise52
450 W. Briar450 W. BriarListingsLake View East197213142
4501 S. Cottage Grove4501 S. Cottage GroveListingsBronzeville2008 80
451 W. Huron451 W. HuronListingsRiver North200313135
4600 N. Cumberland4600 N. CumberlandListingsSchorsch Forest View1972 84
474 N. Lake Shore Drive474 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsStreeterville1991High Rise502
4880 N. Marine Drive4880 N. Marine DriveListingsMargate Park1950High Rise120
4906 S. Drexel4906 S. DrexelListingsKenwood1926 61
5 E. 14th Place5 E. 14th PlaceListingsSouth Loop2000High Rise104
5 N. Wabash5 N. WabashListingsLoop1931 90
50 E. Bellevue Ave50 E. Bellevue AveListingsGold Coast1979High Rise142
5000 Cornell Condos5000 S. CornellListingsKenwood1924High Rise77
5000 S. East End5000 S. East EndListingsKenwood1920High Rise102
5040-5060 Marine Drive5040 Marine DriveListingsMargate Park1939High Rise203
511 W. Division St511 W. Division StListingsCabrini Green Mid Rise79
5135 S. Kenwood Ave5135 S. Kenwood AveListingsHyde Park1926 89
515 W. Wrightwood515 W. WrightwoodListingsLincoln Park1978 78
530 N. Lake Shore Drive530 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsStreeterville200329195
5306 N. Cumberland Ave5306 N. Cumberland AveListingsO’Hare  98
534 W. Brompton St534 W. Brompton StListingsLake View East  61
5346 S. Cornell5346 S. CornellListingsHyde Park19201372
535 N. Michigan535 N. MichiganListingsStreeterville196233460
540 N. Lake Shore Drive540 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsStreeterville1920High Rise150
544 W. Surf St544 W. Surf StListingsLake View East  55
55 E. Monroe55 E. MonroeListingsLoop197249156
55 East Erie55 E. ErieListingsRiver North2002High Rise214
550 St. Clair550 N. St. ClairListingsStreeterville200726112
5551 S. Kimbark Ave5551 S. Kimbark AveListingsHyde Park1921 62
558 W. Armitage558 W. ArmitageListingsLincoln Park  64
565 W. Quincy565 W. QuincyListingsLoop2008High Rise241
5757 N. Sheridan5757 N. SheridanListingsEdgewater1960’sHigh Rise171
600 N. Fairbanks600 N. FairbanksListingsStreeterville200741227
600 N. Lake Shore Drive600 N. Lake Shore DriveListingsStreeterville200847155
604 W. Addison604 W. AddisonListingsLake View  55
606 E. Woodland Dr606 E. Woodland DrListingsDouglas1989High Rise240
60657 Lofts1645 W. SchoolListingsLake View1999 66
607 W. Wrightwood607 W. WrightwoodListingsLincoln Park1955Mid Rise105