Would You Trust A Realtor?

Apparently, you would. At least that’s what a Gallup poll released in November 2008 revealed. Although it’s old news I thought it was interesting since I routinely hear people within the industry lament the “fact” that realtors have one of the lowest trust ratings of any profession – next to used car salesmen.

Well, it looks like this might be another one of those industry myths and lies – but this time it’s one that clearly does not promote the industry. Here is the actual data from the Gallup poll where they interviewed 1010 adults across the nation about their perceptions of the honesty and ethics of 21 professions.

Public Trust Of Realtors

As you can see, realtors actually landed in the middle of the pack, right behind lawyers. The ranking above is based on the % of respondents that gave professions high or very high marks. However, you can also see that if you were to rank these same professions based upon the % that gave professions low or very low marks, realtors’ ranking would actually rise a couple of notches.

Surprised? Yeah, me too.

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  1. I am also quite surprised with the data. Do you have any more information on the time frame the data was collected? I mean, a lot of stuff has went down in the last few years in the housing market (or the collapse of)!

    Interesting study to say the least, thanks for sharing.

  2. i suspect these numbers are significantly different only a year later. interesting, nonetheless.

  3. Looking at this I don’t think it is anything to be proud of. There are still more people that believe agents are Low/Very High rather than High/Very High.

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