What This Realogy/ Amazon TurnKey Real Estate Partnership Really Is

About 3 weeks ago I wrote about how traditional real estate brokerages, personified by the likes of Realogy, were essentially doomed. Then on Tuesday Realogy announced a “major” partnership with Amazon called TurnKey and their stock surged as much as 30% on the news. Something about people shopping for homes on Amazon and getting a Realogy agent and up to $5000 in Amazon Home Services.
So, after scratching my head a bit, I check out this TurnKey thing and all Amazon is doing is redirecting people to a Realogy Web site where they can find a Realogy realtor. And then it becomes really obvious to me that all this program really is is Realogy offering a real estate commission rebate that can only be used on Amazon. Kind of a dud.
As I was getting ready to write this blog post this morning I stumbled on this TheRealDeal article that basically confirms what I was already suspecting: Amazon can’t save Realogy, analysts say. The article basically lays out how the commission rebate works. Realogy is eating the entire cost and is going to lose a lot of money on this deal. So it’s no surprise then that after all this hullabaloo Realogy stock only closed up 8.5% last night from Monday night before the announcement.
The Realogy business model is just not set up to eat the cost of a rebate and why would a home buyer want a rebate that they can only use on Amazon? Why wouldn’t they just work with a realtor that gives them cash they can use anywhere? I’m just shaking my head over here because we’ve given real estate commission rebates as high as $82,000 without any other strings attached. Apparently Realogy subscribes to the PT Barnum school of marketing – or they are just desperate.
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