***Chicago Area Real Estate Commission Rebate Programs***

We rebate a portion of our seller paid real estate commission to home buyers throughout the Chicago area, using a sliding scale that gives you a higher percentage of our commission on more expensive homes. Our rebates are up to 50% of the cooperating commission.*   Our rebate scale is  far more generous to our buyers than our competitors.

To put it very simply, we give you money simply for your purchasing a property using a highly rated Lucid Realty agent.  

For example, on a $500,000 home with a simple 3% cooperating commission we would rebate you 25% of our commission - or $3,750.

But wait, there's more! Occasionally, the seller and/or listing broker will offer the home buyer's broker a bonus or other incentive in addition to the cooperating brokerage commission. We believe these bonuses should be disclosed to buyers and we include them in our rebate calculation - which is a lot more than some of the other real estate brokers that offer rebates.

100% Commission Rebate Program

We also offer an optional 100% commission rebate program for home buyers willing to pay us an hourly rate. This option makes the most sense for buyers of higher priced homes or buyers who believe they will not require as much assistance. In fact, some people who thought they would buy a house without a realtor ultimately decided that this was the best way for them to pocket most of the real estate commission after all. Please contact us by phone or Email  for our current hourly rate.

Full Service

Just because we share our commissions with home buyers doesn't mean they have to settle for less. We provide home buyers with a complete suite of home buyer services throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. We know you have access to a lot of data through the Internet so we are determined to demonstrate to you that we provide a lot more value than the "other agents".

If you are ready to explore our Home Buyer Programs you can:

Watch a short video that illustrates how our buyer rebate works.

*Commission rebates are paid to home buyers who have signed an exclusive buyer's agreement with Lucid Realty and close on real estate purchased above $200,000 with Lucid Realty under that agreement. The rebate is at least 10% of the cooperating broker commission plus incentives actually received by Lucid Realty at the close of the transaction for representing the buyer, net of any allowances or other deductions related to the transaction. Rebates on more expensive homes can be as high as 50% of the cooperating commission. Certain cooperating commission minimums may apply. Rebates on short sales will be lower as a result of additional effort required and are also subject to approval by seller's lender. Speak to your Lucid Realty broker for details on how much you can expect to save.