Villa Taj Auction Cancelled At Last Minute

I know that many of you must have had your hearts broken yesterday when you showed up with your $250,000 checks to bid on Villa Taj in Burr Ridge, the house that once was listed at $25 million. Apparently, the auctioneer pulled the property from the auction at the last minute after several of you indicated that you didn’t want to bid on it but were interested in buying it the old fashioned way. So, this modest and unpretentious home will be relisted soon – for about $12 MM. I would appreciate an invitation to the housewarming from whoever buys it.

0 thoughts on “Villa Taj Auction Cancelled At Last Minute

  1. Soooo much waste. It’s so sad. You’d think someone would be checking on the house more frequently to protect the investment. AND they had a prospective buyer visiting the house when they discovered the flooding. Awful.

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