University Village And Commons Moves To 11th Ward As Does Danny Solis

The remapping of Chicago’s wards appears to be done (Is it really a done deal or will there be more horse trading?) and as a result of the change it appears that University Village and University Commons will be moving to the 11th ward from the 25th effective in 2015. At least University Commons won’t be split between 2 wards as one of the possibilities proposed that didn’t make a lot of sense. Personally, I don’t think it makes any difference what ward we are in as long as they didn’t split us up.
One of the interesting side impacts of all this is that Danny Solis’ home in University Village will be in the 11th ward also as of 2015 so I called his office to find out what this means. The person who answered the phone indicated that he would probably move back into the newly defined 25th ward in order to maintain his eligibility to be it’s alderman. Hmmm. I guess he needs a realtor.
If you want to find out what impact the remapping had on you the Chicago Tribune has a really neat old and new ward map interactive tool for showing you the change.

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  1. At this point, I’m not going to get into internal Chicago politics except that there seems to be some sort of believed entitlement in ward numbers, such as Fioretti having the 2nd, even though it has moved to around Bucktown. If he now is in the 4th, he can take on whoever was installed as Preckwinkle’s successor.
    As far as I can tell, a map should have been in place in time for the 2011 elections, but, as I said, I’m not going to get further into internal politics.

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