Chicago Flat Fee MLS

Chicago Area Flat Fee MLS Alternative

Find out how you can dramatically reduce your selling fees

Some of our Sellers believe their homes will sell quickly and easily so they don’t want to pay a commission, which makes perfect sense. However, typical flat-fee MLS service basically gets you a listing and possibly a yard sign. The truth is most Sellers need a little more help than that. If this is the case for you, we have a better option than the traditional, limited flat-fee MLS services that will still lower your selling fees.

Get the best of both worlds

  • You get significant real estate commission savings when selling
  • You get professional help from a realtor
  • You get Lucid Realty’s world-class level of service

If you are looking for an agency you can trust to put your interests first, with experts to guide you through the whole process who are immediately accessible: THIS! IS! IT! You will save a ton of money, a ton of time, and get great service along the way. Do yourself a favor, google their website, read why you should choose them, and then DO IT.

– Seth, Home Seller

Your savings can be substantial.

Sellers benefit from only what they will need from our comprehensive marketing program.

Pick and choose from the following menu:

  • MLS Listing with a carefully crafted description (Always included)
  • Professional photos with detailed captions (Required)
  • Virtual tour
  • Your home’s own website
  • Distribution of your home on key websites
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Signage with appropriate riders
  • Emails targeted to all active brokers in your area
  • Additional online advertising
  • Public open houses
  • Broker open houses
  • Detailed feedback on every showing
  • Regular updates on how your listing is performing according to key metrics

We can help save you money when you buy or sell a home.

Call now to talk to one of our real estate agents.


If you believe that your home will be an easy sell, and you don’t need a lot of help from a realtor, then you should talk to us about our Pay By-the-hour Program.

No matter how you utilize Lucid Realty’s superior services, you’ll get the quality level of service for which we are known. Our realtors will discuss with you in detail the level of marketing services you may need and provide you with an estimate.

Flat-fee MLS offers very few, if any, marketing or support services. Savvy clients know they need at least some level of support and can customize their Pay By-the-hour Program to their exact needs. They also have access to our experienced realtors, and rest assured, you will only pay for the services utilized.