Realtor Services By The Hour

Realtor Services by the Hour

Buyers and Sellers can maximize their real estate savings with our highly innovative and unique hourly services program.

Lucid’s unique hourly services program really pays off for home buyers. And the higher the home price the bigger the upside for you.

If you want to maximize the value of your home purchase, with Lucid Realty you can pocket all of the commission we receive from the listing agent. Yes, you get 100% of our commission. If this sounds good to you, then our unique hourly services program is right for you.

  • You get our real estate expertise
  • You get our high level of service and attention for which we are known
  • You pocket all of the commission we receive from the listing agent

Lucid sellers put commissions back in their pockets with our unique hourly services program.

If you believe your home will be easy to market and won’t require our full breadth of our seller’s marketing services, you may want to consider our unique hourly services program. Instead of paying our normal discounted real estate commission, you simply pay us for the time we take to sell your home.

  • You get our real estate expertise but only pay for the work we do
  • You get to decide what services you need and how we should focus our efforts
  • You only pay for the service you need
  • You pay us an hourly rate and pay no list-side commission 
  • You get access to Lucid expert agents and a menu marketing services
  • You pay no list side commission

We can help save you money when you buy or sell a home.

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For Buyers:

Buyers who pay by-the-hour will pocket the entire commission that Lucid receives from the Seller’s agent!

For Sellers:

If you don’t believe in paying a real estate agent a flat commission percentage, or if you think your home will sell easily and just want some expert guidance along with a few select marketing services, then this might be a great option for you.

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