Oak Brook Castle Still Looking For King

Oak Brook, Illinois is known for having some over-the-top homes but this castle (yes, a real castle) takes the cake. I found out about it from one of the commenters on Crib Chatter a couple of days ago. As he said, “what a waste of resources”.

Still under construction and owned by Iwanski-Pyzik Masonry, the 18,000 square foot castle is located at 3015 Lincoln Rd and is currently listed at $4.95 MM by Marylou Scala of ERA. The lot was apparently bought by the builder in June 2007 for $875K. According to the listing it can be finished off in about 3 months. Surprisingly, it only has 5 bedrooms, which means the knights are going to have to double up when they come over for a round table meeting. That’s probably the only reason that the home has been on the market for 698 days. It started out at $4 MM and when it didn’t sell after 6 months they raised the price to $5.75 MM. OK, in all fairness they probably changed what was included at that price. In December the price was dropped to $4.95 MM.

Here are some other stats on the place:

  • “Sixteen inch walls [cement, brick, and stone] thus giving the owner a fortress like feeling of security”
  • 18 total rooms
  • 7 full baths and 2 half baths
  • Vaulted/Cathedral ceilings (but of course)
  • 4 horse garage
  • 6 fireplaces
  • No mention of a moat (I’m sure you can negotiate that)
  • The lot is not quite an acre so that kinda limits the potential for jousting tournaments

Given the events in the Middle East those 16 inch stone walls could come in handy if the serfs should decide to storm the castle (another reason to negotiate that moat). Check out the photo gallery below. The photos seem to reinforce my perception that castles were always rather cold places.

According to an earlier article from Chicago Magazine the builder always dreamed of building a castle. The article also mentions that in case he can’t sell it his plan B is to use it as a bed and breakfast, though he still needs to get approval from the village for that.

There is a very strange Web site that promotes this property at www.kingwanted.com. The reason I find the site strange is that it simultaneously promotes the King’s Hall banquet center coming to Lombard in May and a limousine rental service using photos with the castle as a backdrop. It’s not clear what the connection is but I can only assume that Lord Iwanski has an interest in the other two business ventures as well.

0 thoughts on “Oak Brook Castle Still Looking For King

  1. Actually, $4.95 million isn’t all that bad. Wasn’t that the price of a studio condo in SF during the dot.com boom?

  2. Yes, actually it does. However, the rack, thumbscrews, wheel, stocks and endless repetition of Kenny G are not included.

  3. This amazing exercise in excess (easy Chinese RE money – 2007) actually DOES have a moat- it’s called a “retention pond”. This so-called castle has no appreciable property around it for royal jousting events, unless of course, you challenge your rivals at the adjacent OB polo fields with all the other commoners.

  4. I pass this castle daily and it is in the worst spot. Barely has a backyard off a busy street with smaller homes around it. This “castle” should’ve been built on a street by itself. It looks very awkward.

  5. Is this the place that had extensive water damage because of a broken pipe that no one noticed for weeks?

  6. It’s too bad, really, that they had the audacity to design the interior that way. The outside is beautiful, but the inside is hideous! Whoever buys this place is going to have to shell out another $5M just to bring the interior up to even a minimal level of aesthetic appeal.

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