New! Browse Chicago Real Estate By Neighborhood Or Zip Code

We’ve just added a new feature on our Web site that allows the curious to browse through and drill down into Chicago’s and Dupage’s real estate listings and get quick snapshots of the local real estate market, instead of just searching for a particular property. There are two different paths you can take from our home page – either browse by neighborhood or browse by zip code. Each of these starting pages gives you an overview of the Chicago and Dupage real estate market – the number of listings by type of property for each of our featured neighborhoods or zip codes. We picked these featured neighborhoods and zip codes based upon our current clients’ interests. If you don’t find a neighborhood or zip code you are interested in let me know. However, you can drill down on a more comprehensive list of neighborhoods from our neighborhoods page, which also includes profiles, maps, and real estate market statistics.

From these starting points you can drill down by type of property and then by number of bedrooms and bathrooms. 3 clicks is all it takes to get you to a specific home for sale. For example, starting at our neighborhood page you can click on the Lakeview condo and townhome link – 1009 listings at the time of this post. This page breaks down the Lakeview condo market into the different combinations of bedrooms and bathrooms. For each combination we show you the number of listings, the average price, and the minimum and maximum prices.

From there you could click on the link for the 47 3 bedroom/ 3 bath condos, which produces a list of the 47 individual homes for sale along with basic information on each listing such as total number of rooms, parking, and square footage. Clicking on any of those links takes you to the listing sheet for that particular property with all the pertinent details, including photographs.

Oh yeah…and, unlike most real estate brokers, we don’t force you to register so you can remain anonymous.

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