Michael Jordan's House Is For Sale – You Can Own It For $29 Million

Michael Jordan’s house at 2700 Point Ln, in Highland Park is for sale, listed at a mere $29 million. It just hit the market today, listed by Katherine Chez of Baird & Warner. Clearly the agent did not check with Zillow before pricing this home because the Zillow god values it at only $4.5 million.
I find it interesting that it  is located on a street named Point but it looks like it’s an established street – i.e. Michael Jordan didn’t get to pick the name of the street. But as you can see his front gate has a giant 23 on it.
Here are some of the home’s features:

  • 7.4 acres
  • 32,683 square feet
  • 9 bedrooms
  • 15 full bathrooms and 4 half bathrooms
  • 5 fireplaces according to the Chicago Tribune
  • 3 bedroom guest house
  • A full size basketball court – well duh! You can see a photo of it in the slideshow below
  • 3 separate climate controlled garages with parking for 15 cars
  • Pool, tennis courts, pond, putting green
  • Annual property taxes $165,224 based upon a market value of $7,731,558. How did he do that?

All that for just putting a ball in a basket? Something is wrong with society. Here is the satellite view of the property:
Michael Jordan's House
Obviously this sale is being handled with a great deal of discretion as is apparent in the MLS remarks below.

Elegance & utmost privacy abound at this perfectly situated, privately gated estate nestled on over 7 acres. With outstanding attention to detail, function & style, this home is as comfortable as it is elegant. Lux entertaining areas & grounds create a stunning residence w/scale & finishes to perfection. Sold furnished w/excl. All showings & access to website w/addtl photos must provide verified financial ref in adv.

There are 29 photos in the slide show below – and clearly you are not going to get in just to see the place. I assume there will be no open houses.

Oh…and the co-operating commission on this is 2.25%, which works out to $652,500 at a $29 million dollar purchase price. Puhhhleeease! Don’t tell me realtors are not overpaid. Tell you what. If you buy this through me I’ll raise our normal buyer’s commission rebate to 90%.
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0 thoughts on “Michael Jordan's House Is For Sale – You Can Own It For $29 Million

  1. I dont think they are overpaid. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to have a client purchase a $29M house?

  2. If I recall he and Juanita put a boatload of money into this place after they discovered some severe problems with the EIFS (aka Dryvit) siding and resulting water / mold damage. I want to say that multiple lawsuits were involved. Yes it is the estate of sir “Airness” MJ but I would agree that it is overpriced at 29mil.

  3. Well, no doubt a more expensive home is more work for a buyer’s agent than a less expensive home. But I can assure you that this home will not be 29 times more work than a $1 MM home. And $1 MM homes are not twice as much work as $500K homes. I’ve had $1 MM buyers that are less work than $300K buyers.

  4. “All that for just putting a ball in a basket?” He probably has done more for charity and to better society then you ever will.

  5. That’s not the point. He didn’t make his money for his charity work but for putting a ball in a basket.
    But you know what? I was being mostly facetious anyway since I’m a big believer in free markets. If that’s what people want to pay for then so be it. I would argue that if he makes 100 times what a brain surgeon makes then he is 100 times more valuable to society than a brain surgeon.

  6. I was wondering the same thing. And they’re full bathrooms too. Maybe so that when he has the team over to play basketball they can all take showers at the same time?

  7. I just stumbled upon this site while looking up pics of Jordan’s house. Damn, Gary Lucido! You sure come off as a jealous asshole! I am a licensed Realtor & Mortgage Broker & know that that comes w/ the territory. Keep working hard!

  8. So are you stipulating the asshole part? Heh heh, you know I’m kidding. This was the most popular post on ChicagoNow this week, nice work.

  9. Lots of semi-open secrets when this was first designed and later remodeled. Would LOVE more photos! I drive the main road often and not even the “23” is visible. Nearby were Duerson, Pippen and Ditka. Bathrooms or not, it will be quite interesting to follow this sale, see how long it stays on the market and who buys it. Chi royalty to real royalty?

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