Interactive Floor Plans – Let Your Mouse Do The Walking

The interactive floor plan is yet another way to avoid leaving your current home while looking for a new home. It’s really pretty cool and the ease with which we implemented this for our latest listing is yet another example of how a large broker has absolutely no advantage over independents like us. All we had to do was send an email to a Chicago based service provider who sent out a photographer to sketch out a floor plan and take photos from various angles throughout the home. Those photos were then linked from icons overlaid on a floor plan of the home, representing the locations from which the photos were taken. When you click on one of the icons it changes into a picture of a camera with shading representing the field of view and the corresponding photo is displayed on the side. A picture is worth a thousand words:

Interactive Floor Plan

You can click on the floor plan above to see the live example.

The interactive floor plan allows buyers to really get a feel for how the home is laid out and what it looks like from various angles. The only downside is that some buyers may think they’ve seen it all and try to make a decision based solely upon the online experience. We would recommend that the interactive floor plan be used only to rule out obvious misses.

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