Historic Victorian Landmark Mansion Back On The Market: $599,000


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Back in early October I wrote about this historic victorian landmark mansion at 2801 S Prairie that was for sale for $599,000. Shortly after that, on October 23, it went under contract for an undisclosed amount. By November 11 it went PENDING, which usually means that all the contingencies have been met and the parties are fairly confident that a closing will occur.

Well, as of yesterday the listing was reactivated, and at the $599,000 price. The deal apparently fell through but I don’t know why. I could call the agent to find out but then I’m not sure it would be appropriate for me to share that information here anyway so I’ll just leave it a mystery for now. We could speculate that someone got cold feet or some material problem was discovered or someone’s circumstances changed – there is an endless list of possibilities.

But if you are interested in taking on a labor of love this home, with it’s rich history, is once again available.

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  1. My theory, which is about as good as any other: the potential buyer liked how the Bears were doing and thought about buying a place not too far from Soldier Field. Then he saw that Patriots game where the Bears got whomped and changed his mind.

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