First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit Applies to Duplexes and Two Flats!

Did you know that?   We didn’t. After searching a multitude of sites including the official FHA, IRS and first time home buyer tax credit sites and making several calls we still didnt have an answer.  Finally, I found official documentation on the IRS page.  It wasn’t located under guidelines, or even frequently asked questions but it was under “scenarios”.  Glad they made that easy for the millions of people seeking information on the tax credit.

According to the IRS “scenario”, if a first time home buyer who otherwise qualifies for the tax credit purchases a duplex, then he or she is entitled to a tax credit equal to 10% of the purchase price allocated towards the unit the buyer will be occupying as primary residence.   There is still a maximum credit of $8,000.  Simply put, if you buy a property with two equal units, then half of the purchase price would be the basis for the 10% credit.  A purchase of a building that costs $160k or more and has two equal units will allow the homebuyer to achieve the maximum credit. 

Oh, and in case you were wondering, if a homebuyer buys a travel trailer and it is attached to land, he or she also qualifies for the credit.

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