Elegant Union Row Underpass & Railroad Track Living In Chicago

With the extreme shortage of real estate in Chicago (yeah, right) I guess it should be no surprise that developers are scooping up every available scrap of land for housing developments.

The Union Row development in the 600 block west of 16th. street may signal a new trend in the gentrification of underpasses and railroad tracks. Check out these photos of the spectacular view of The Dan Ryan and the railroad tracks from these townhomes:

Along tracks

As you can see, the railroad tracks will provide hours of entertainment for the myriads of children who will play on them, while the Union Row homeowners will literally be a short walk from all major forms of transportation.

Next to underpass

The underpass will also provide great shade during the afternoon sun, saving lots of cooling dollars during the hot summers.

View from underpass

This view from the underpass should remain unobstructed until a developer decides to actually build a house under the underpass.

Between buildings

Even with the back fence folks will be able to see the train tracks and the Dan Ryan. No need for these folks to get a traffic report in the morning. All they have to do is look out their window.

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  1. LOVE IT! We drive past these houses on our way to the grocery stores and always wonder why anyone in their right mind would buy one. Your post is hilarious!!

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