Your Chance To Have More Influence On Chicago Public Schools

As a realtor I can tell you that the one thing that has more impact on the value of your home than anything else is probably the quality of your neighborhood’s school. It’s also the one value driver that you might have the greatest ability to impact.
Well, in case you haven’t heard there is an election coming up on Tuesday. In addition to some minor ballot items, for over 200 precincts in Chicago, is a non-binding referendum (basically an opinion poll) asking if the Chicago School Board should be elected rather than appointed by the mayor. Yeah, today it’s totally appointed. So here’s you chance to weigh in on whether or not you should have more influence on the direction of Chicago Public Schools.
A community group called Communities Organized for Democracy in Education helped get this referendum on the ballot because they think the people should be able to elect the school board. If you check out their Web site you can read their argument. Apparently 96% of US school districts elect their school board and this initiative has the support of at least 10 aldermen and the Chicago Teacher’s Union.
You can also read this argument against an elected school board and here is a story that provides some background on the whole issue. Apparently the mayor is opposed to the idea.
So make sure you vote at least once on Tuesday and take a stand on this important issue.

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