The Blob That Ate The Suburbs

Every so often as I’m going through real estate listing photos I run across one that almost causes me to drop my lap top. Inevitably some real estate agent thinks that owning a digital camera makes them a photographer – as if spending $100 on professional photos for a $500,000 listing is asking too much.

I’ve seen some pretty bad realtor photos for Chicago properties – even properties above $1,000,000. However, nothing prepared me for what I found when I started looking in the suburbs yesterday (normally Sari handles that). After perusing the photos of about 100 listings I had not seen a single set that were professionally shot. Then I ran across this one.

Bad realtor photo

Quick! What’s your first thought? A hole in the wall? A blob from one of those 50s sci-fi movies? Someone should call PETA. That poor animal not only died in vain but it’s carcass is now being used to discourage people from seeing this house. The realtor should be fired on the spot for taking this photo. On the other hand, the owners are probably delighted that their exquisite decorating taste is being showcased.

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