Real Estate Agent Gets Naked With Client

I finally found a real estate agent that provides a service that we won’t provide. The following short story appeared in today’s Chicago Tribune.

The son of a property owner whose Naperville home is on the market found a real-estate agent was showing more than the master bathroom to his client.

Police said a 46-year-old real estate salesman from Morris and his client, a 25-year-old Chicago man, were found naked just before noon Thursday in the master bathroom in a house on the 4400 block of White Ash Lane in Naperville.

The Illinois Real Estate Act does provide for bare minimum services but I don’t think this is one of them. I debated for a while about posting this story but decided that posting it was important to furthering my objective of exposing the dark side of the real estate industry. Besides, I’ve been traveling this week and haven’t had time to cover anything substantial.

And since I’m sharing humorous local stories…I was riding home on the CTA last night from the airport (fully clothed) and there was a drunk homicide detective on the train. He was wearing a T-shirt that said “Chicago Homicide…Our day begins when yours ends.”

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