Preferred Service Providers

One of the keys to a smooth transaction is using true professionals every step of the way. Unfortunately, not all service providers are professional. That's why Lucid Realty likes to share our list of providers that we trust based upon seeing them in action. Please keep in mind that we do not receive compensation from these providers for referring you to them - that would be illegal.

Mortgage Companies

PERL Mortgage, Inc.
Barry Schwartz
(773) 413-6242 Office 
(773) 617- 9738 Cell

Russ Martin
(312) 651-5355

Thomas Fishwick
Guaranteed Rate

Raj Khurana
Federal Savings Bank
(312) 738-8506
(630) 390-6089

Home Inspectors

Check This House
Bee Sure Home Inspection
Household Inspection Team
Home Warranty Providers

Home Warranty of America


Marc Cervantes
Cervantes & Cioffi LLP
(312) 606-9529

Greg Braun