An Inside Look At Penny Pritzker's House – 1875 N Orchard, Chicago

I’ve previously written about Penny Pritzker’s house at 1875 N Orchard as one of the biggest homes in Lincoln Park. It’s not the biggest of the biggest but it’s certainly unique and well thought out. It has received numerous accolades for design.
You don’t really find many photographs of it but then someone like me comes along and puts 2 and 2 together. You see Dan Wheeler of Wheeler Kearns Architects designed the home and I ran across some photos of theirs labeled “Orchard East” (the home is on the east side of Orchard) that are most certainly of this house as evidenced by the exterior design of the house and the rather distinctive sculpture on the south side of the house (see my own photo at the top of this post). Herewith is the link to the photos of Penny Pritzker’s house. This is the first photo in the slide show, with almost 20 more following it. In addition, they have a number of architectural sketches and drawings that indicate the extreme level of thought that went into the design. You can tell what part of the house the photos were taken of by looking at the URLs.
My guess is that the architect was paid more than the cost of most people’s homes in Chicago.

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