FREE Customized Open House Schedule

We can save you loads of time

We will do the planning for you. All you have to do is see the homes that fit your needs.

We can apply more precise criteria than you can get on the Internet

There are hundreds of open houses in the Chicago area to choose from so you might as well let us dig through them for you. For example, we can search on:

We will make it simple

Just take 10 minutesto give us your specific criteria. Don't worry if you don't know it all. Our questions will help guide the conversation. The 10 minutes you spend with us will save you hours of time that can be spent doing the things you love.

We will provide a detailed and optimized route to make the most efficient use of your time

We will plan out a detailed route taking into account your starting point, the scheduled open house times, and the locations.

What you will get:

We can deliver your itinerary to you by fax, email or in person. If you would like, we will even go with you to the open houses. We promise not to be pushy like other agents.

If you prefer to go alone, one of our experienced real estate agents will be available by phone to answer any questions that might come up while touring.

And we do this all for free with absolutely no obligation on your part!

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