Noah Properties Single Family Homes Continue To Sell Briskly In East Village

As you know I’ve been following the Noah Properties construction boom in my new East Village neighborhood. These guys have it down to a science, having quickly built 3 homes almost next to each other in the 1800 block of West Erie. They recently completed and sold a 4th one just a couple of doors down from the other 3 after about 3 months of construction. Noah Properties bought a teardown for just $190,000 in March and ended up selling the finished home for $878,500 in only 45 days – the most expensive yet in this mini-development. All of Noah Properties’ homes sell this fast – at least in East Village – and they sell before they are finished so their cash is not tied up very long.
This 5 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath home at 1854 W Erie has similar high end, ultra-modern finishes to the other 3 homes on the block and was listed for $899,900. No square footage was provided. Of all the homes on the block I like the exterior of this one the best. The others took various design chances that didn’t quite appeal to me.
1854 W Erie, Chicago, Il - East Village

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