More fun with bad real estate agent photos….

Well, I guess this is sort of turning into a hobby.  Some more to brighten your day. Lets have some fun and try multiple choice on this one.  Would love to hear your ideas too!

In the photo below:

  1.  The real estate agent shot the photo with his eyes closed
  2.  The rest of the bathroom is so bad, we can only see one section of tile
  3.  The agent works part time at the local flooring store and is secretly selling ceramic tile
  4.  The real estate agent had to use the bathroom and figured he could kill two birds with one stone


In the next photo, the agent:

  1. Is advertising that window is close enough to the ground to serve as a pet door
  2. Was laying on the ground napping (on the lavish carpet) taking the photo, again two birds with one stone
  3. Is showing that despite barren land around the property, this property has great soil and thus green plants
  4. Dropped the camera and decided the photo was “good enough”


Now, on to my favorite.  In the next photo,  the agent is trying to demonstrate that:

  1. Even though the carpet is puke green the tiny narrow closet has hardwood floors
  2. He knows where the floor is located

Geez, I cant even say anymore about the ridiculousness of this one! m_P_1206049225529_harwood

Happy Holidays!

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