Lombard Home Intruder Pretends To Own Villa Taj Mansion To Seduce Woman

Over the years we have written a number of stories about the 45,000 square foot Villa Taj mansion at 6501 S County Line Rd in Burr Ridge. This over the top monstrosity was originally listed at $25 MM before going through a series of price cuts until finally the bank foreclosed on the property. While the bank owned the property a pipe broke and flooded the place with 6 million gallons of water. It ultimately sold to a developer for $3.1 MM: Villa Taj In Burr Ridge: From $25 Million To $3.1 Million. You can follow that link to a whole chain of sordid stories that we’ve written about it.
Well, the Villa Taj story just keeps getting better. According to the Chicago Tribune a real estate agent caught 34 year old Kiril Kostov and a woman in a hot tub there on June 20 and apparently it wasn’t the first time this guy had broken into the place: Lombard man allegedly makes himself at home in Burr Ridge mansion. That reminds me…I’m supposed to say allegedly. All of this is allegedly.

Kiril Kostov
Kiril Kostov

So the real estate agent kicked them out and called the police, who questioned them and took them into custody. Apparently, Kiril told the woman that he or his relatives owned the place (yeah, he looks like someone who would allegedly own a mansion). What some guys won’t do to pick up a woman! She sounds pretty gullible though because somehow he convinced her to park her car in the church parking lot on the corner. Then again he did have a key to the place, which he apparently stole when he once delivered a car to the place. Allegedly of course.
While they were there they drank the owner’s liquor and created some water damage by not draining the hot tub correctly.
So the story got me to wondering what a real estate agent was doing there. Well, it turns out that they’ve been trying to rent the place since March. At what rental rate? Well, they started at $30,000/ month, which works out to about $1000/ day (I’ve got a physics degree so I can figure that sort of stuff out real quickly). About a month later they dropped the ask to $20,000/ month. Personally I think they might be better off with Airbnb.
Here is a photo gallery, which our email readers won’t be able to see unless they click on the headline to go to the Web version. Note that the home has 8 bedrooms, 8 full baths, 3 half baths, 10 garage parking spaces, and 10 exterior garage spaces.

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