How To Print A Home Instead Of Building It By Hand

The idea of a replicator – a machine that could instantly create any object – goes way back in science fiction. Even before Star Trek introduced the idea there was an entire Twilight Zone episode in 1963 – Valley Of The Shadow – that utilized the concept.
Well, it turns out the concept is now a reality with a break through technology called 3D printing or rapid prototyping. There are even real companies producing 3D printers out there that you can invest in. And can you believe that the free market is developing this technology without government subsidies?
So here’s the really amazing part. There’s actually a way to build an entire custom designed house using a giant 3D printer in 20 hours! Check out this TEDx video below which covers the process.

Now, if I could get my hands on this technology the first thing I would do is build this building. Imagine feeding this design into the computer.

Anyway, you are not going to build an elegant mansion with high end finishes,  using a variety of materials with this technology. But the concept is extremely intriguing – especially in areas lacking affordable housing.

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