How Much Can You Really Save On Your Electric Bill?

Chicago electric ratesA few months ago another ChicagoNow blog (sorry, I can’t remember which one) alerted me to the Power2Switch Web site that allows Chicago area consumers to shop around for the lowest cost electricity providers. This Web site shows you a few alternatives to Commonwealth Edison and the associated savings, which they claim will be about 15%.
Just like in real estate, why would anyone ever pay more when they can pay less for the same or better service? It’s a no-brainer. So I immediately switched to Champion Energy.
Initially I thought they had forgotten about me because nothing happened for a month or two. Then without even a flicker of a light I must have switched over because my June bill came not from Commonwealth Edison but from Champion Energy.
Of course I was dying to know if I had really saved 15% on my bill and one of my concerns was that, with all the extra fees and taxes, the real savings would be quite a bit less. So I extrapolated my May Commonwealth Edison bill to my June usage to estimate what the evil power company would have charged and it came out to $154.62 X 1490 June KWH/ 1172 May KWH = $196.57. And what was my Champion bill? $167.95 or 14.6% less.  Not bad. Kind of like the Geico commercial, 10 minutes saved me $28.62 in my first month.
Not bad. So run, don’t walk to the computer and make the switch today.
And in case you are interested in the details I’m including copies of my the relevant sections of my May and June electric bills below.

Commonwealth Edison bill

Commonwealth Edison Bill

Champion Energy bill

Champion Energy bill

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