Historic S. Prairie Victorian Mansion Sells For $450,000

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I first wrote about this mansion at 2801 S Prairie in the Douglas neighborhood back in October. The price had just been lowered by a quarter of a million dollars to $599K. I had the unique opportunity of touring it one Saturday and found it to be an amazing home, though it needed a complete rehab. That previous post covers a lot of the history of the home and contains an extensive slide show.

Well, on Friday it finally closed for $450,000, which I think is an exceptional price for this massive structure with a rich history. According to a story on Curbed Chicago the home was purchased by a New York doctor who intends to restore it to its former glory. I hope that reconstructive surgery is his specialty.

It sounds like this sale really took its toll on poor Fred Scovell, the listing agent. He took more calls on this property than any other he has ever had and he had two contracts above $500K that never closed.

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