Hinsdale Illinois Real Estate Market Conditions

Some quick tidbits on the real estate market in Hinsdale.

As of  September 8th 2009, there were 322 homes on the market. 

  • Off the 322 listings, 7 homes are temporarily off the market
  • 35 are under contract
  • 20 are short sales (8 under contract now)
  • The average single family home price is $1,299,687.  The median price is $995,000
  • The average home has 10.6 rooms with 4 bedrooms and 3 and 1/2 bath

Looking at the last two years sales for single family homes in Hinsdale, we can see that while the number of units being sold returned to the rate being sold in August 2007, the average and median prices (both right around $800k) are still dramatically lower than the average price of $1.6mm at the same time in 2007.  While we are looking at a month with an extremely skewed average price   – its still pretty amazing to see the average price change by 100%.

The good news for some is that historically, January is a good month to buy in Hinsdale.


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