God's Twitter Account: The Tweet Of God

This has nothing to do with real estate but it’s very topical, it gives me chance to try out a new blog feature at ChicagoNow and it’s in keeping with the irreverent tone of this blog. As the cardinals meet to elect a new pope you may have heard that the Vatican is blocking their tweets. And of course the former pope can no longer tweet as the pope. However, God is still tweeting and providing tremendous philosophical insight several times a day so I thought I would share some of His better tweets over the last month or so below. This is also timely because of that big bible epic that is running on The History Channel now. Just imagine if Twitter had been invented back then. I mean God wouldn’t have had to burn that bush and Moses wouldn’t have had to go to the top of that mountain and there would have been no stone tablets to break (How do we know they got put back together correctly? I mean maybe we’ve been breaking the wrong rules all this time. I’m just saying.)
Be sure to pay attention to the dates because you can see that God is in tune with the times, like his observation on Valentine’s Day below.
I hope this post doesn’t offend anyone – I actually left out the more offensive tweets. At at a time when the most popular Broadway show singles out one religion for ridicule (I won’t go to see it for that reason) I figure it is OK to highlight someone poking fun at all religions in one fell swoop. But thank God my mother doesn’t read my blog as she reads the bible religiously and would be horrified by this.  Actually, she doesn’t read anything on the Internet, though for a few years there she tried to print out the Web.
The Tweet of God is the work of comedy writer David Javerbaum, who has worked for the Daily Show and has numerous other accomplishments under his belt and has not yet been struck down by lightning. His twitter feed also includes occasional dialogue between God and Ricky Gervais, which can be quite entertaining.
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