Chicago Real Estate Market Update: April Home Sales Decline Once Again

I was out of the country when it was time for me to create my April Chicago Real Estate Market Update so it’s not only late but the data was pulled a day or more late, which means that it’s going to be off by a small amount.
For starters my sales numbers are going to be slightly high but, nevertheless, they show a continuation of the see saw phenomenon I’ve been talking about – one month high and the next month low. March was the strongest in 11 years but then April came in 1.6% below last year. And the Illinois Association of Realtors will report it down a bit more than 4.4% in just under 2 weeks.
You can see the history in the graph below and you might notice that April actually had the second highest sales in 10 years. However, I once again implore you to focus on the light blue moving average which smooths out all the noise. That line is showing a gradual upward drift but nothing like the gangbuster performance of every second month lately.
Chicago monthly home sales

Chicago Home Contract Activity

The real fly in the ointment, as has often been the case, is that contract activity is weak. Notice in the graph below that April was lower than the last 2 years and the moving average line dipped down a bit. I’m estimating a 13.5% decline over last year, which would be the biggest drop in 6 years.
Chicago home sale contract activity

Pending Home Sales

To make matters worse we apparently had to draw down our already low level of pending home sales in order to make the paltry sales that we got. Granted, I pulled this number 5 days late, which should cause it to be understated a bit, but we fell to a 2.00 month supply, down from 2.31 months last year. That is such a large decline that I would not be surprised if it negatively impacts May sales.
Chicago pending home sales

Distressed Home Sales

The percentage of home sales that are distressed continues to plummet but it can’t go below 0 so the decreases keep getting smaller. Only 9.8% of April’s sales were distressed, which is of course the lowest percentage in 9 years.
Chicago Distressed Home Sales

Chicago Home Inventory

Inventory has to be the culprit behind the low level of sales since homes are selling very fast (see the next section). There just aren’t enough homes available for sale. We continue to hit new record lows with condos and townhomes down to just a 2.9 month supply from 3.3 months last year and single family homes down to 4.2 months from 4.6 months last year.
Chicago home inventory

Chicago Home Sale Market Times

As I just mentioned homes are selling incredibly fast with condos and townhomes that sell doing so in just 68 days on average compared to 78 days last year. However, while single family homes are still selling fast they are slowing down a bit. In April the ones that sold took 109 days to sell, which is up from 100 days last year. This could be due to the actual glut of these homes at the upper end or, as I suggested last month, it might be a predictor of soon to be rising inventory.
Chicago home sale market times
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