Chicago Real Estate Market: January Worst Sales Decline In 18 Months

I don’t think it was a coincidence that the Chicago real estate market had its worst year over year sales decline in 18 months in January right after having its strongest growth in 9 months during December. As I’ll explain in more detail below, and I alluded to this in last month’s post, I believe that December borrowed some of January’s closings to achieve what it did.
January home sales were down by 7.5% over last year. However, if you look at the long term home sale graph for Chicago below, with all the Januaries flagged in red, you will also see that sales were higher than 8 of the previous 10 years. The only thing is that we really haven’t gained much in the last 6 years. In fact, January home sales were lower than they were in 2013.
Note that when the Illinois Association of Realtors reports the home sale numbers in two weeks they will show an even gloomier picture with a 10.1% decline. There is a flaw in their methodology which causes them to report lower numbers than me but they will no doubt find some way to put a positive spin on it.

Chicago monthly home sales
Chicago home sales have not really advanced much in the last few years

Chicago Home Contract Activity

The number of contracts written on homes during January is much the same picture as you can see in the graph below. I’m estimating that contract activity was down by 6.4% and clearly activity has stagnated in the last few years. This doesn’t bode well for closings over the next couple of months.

Chicago home sale contract activity
Home sale contract activity has also remained fairly flat in Chicago

Pending Home Sales

I think pending home sales explains a lot of what has happened here to home sales in the last two months. Pending sales declined to a record low level at the end of December. Basically a lot of what went under contract closed faster than normal. Then January ended with a 2.55 month supply of pending home sales, which is actually up slightly from last year’s 2.54 month supply. In other words, closings slowed down or, another way to look at it, we rebuilt the backlog. Consequently, this reduced the closings in January but puts us in a slightly better position for February.

Chicago pending home sales
Pending home sales represent the backlog of homes likely to close in the next 1 – 2 months

Distressed Home Sales

The decline in distressed home sales continues throughout Chicago with January at only 11.8% of sales, down from 15.9% last year. Given the trend we are on and seeing how we are close to a seasonal peak it’s possible that we will soon be under 10% – hopefully for good.

Chicago Distressed Home Sales
The percentage of Chicago home sales that are distressed is much lower than at the peak of the housing meltdow

Chicago Home Inventory

I know this sounds like a broken record (they used to encode music in grooves on a vinyl disk, called a record, and if there was a scratch it could cause the record player to hit the same portion of a groove over and over again and repeat that part of the song) but Chicago’s home inventory is just ridiculously low. Detached inventory came down to just a 3.4 month supply from last year’s 4.4 month supply while attached (condos/ townhomes) inventory remained at an absurd 2.6 month supply. Once again, we suspect that the shortage of homes to buy is a key part of the reason that sales are so low.

Chicago home inventory
The months of supply of home inventory in Chicago continues to hit new lows

Chicago Home Sale Market Times

The length of time required to sell a home is correspondingly low as shown in the graph below. Attached homes that sold did so in only 86 days which is down from 97 days last January. However, it’s odd that detached homes actually took longer to sell this January – up to 99 days from 92 days last January. It’s odd because you would think that significantly lower inventory of detached homes would drive down market times. Of course, it could just be that we are working through a backlog of long in the tooth listings.

Chicago home sale market time
The time it takes to sell condos/ townhomes and single family homes has diverged recently

You can also check out additional Chicago area real estate market data on my Web site that I update on a regular basis.
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