Chicago Murders: The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

There is an updated version of this post with data through June 2017 here: Chicago’s Safest And Most Dangerous Neighborhoods By Murder Rate
I first looked at Chicago murders a couple of years ago and have been meaning to update it since. That first blog post is actually good reading for all the necessary caveats and nuances that go with any sort of data like this: Murder In Chicago: Which Neighborhoods Are Dangerous. As I explained in that original post it’s difficult to definitively declare a particular neighborhood safe or dangerous. But it’s still helpful to look at the data to see where the most people are being killed.
For this exercise I went back to the city of Chicago’s crime data portal and pulled all the homicide records for the 12 month period ending June 30. There were a total of 448 murders during that time period, which is on par with the last time I did this analysis. I then aggregated the data by community area and mapped it on Google Maps.
Here is the summary by community area, sorted from highest to lowest. However, you can’t possibly read this graph without first clicking on it to expand it. Also, note that if a community area had no murders it’s not on the list. Case in point: Lincoln Park.

The map below is interactive so you can zoom in or out and also click on the balloons for a bit more information. (Note: if you are reading this via email I don’t think you will be seeing an interactive map below. However, you can click on the title of this post in your email and it should take you to the post on the Web where you can see everything.) Also, if you want to work with a larger map you can go to my underlying Chicago murder crime map.
Yeah, I know that there are other crime maps out there but they often have a lot of different crimes lumped together, or they are limited to a small area, or they limit you to just a few weeks’ data.

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