Chicago Home Prices Lag Nation By More Than 25%

As you know I closely follow the Case Shiller data on Chicago area home prices but when the September release pointed out that the nation’s home prices just hit a new record high, and the Chicago area is far from that, I realized that I have never actually compared the national index to the Chicago index. Boy was I in for a surprise when I did just that! It turns out that Chicago home prices have been lagging the index for quite some time.
Check out the graph below of the index values going back to January 1987. All the indices are constructed so that they are equal to 100 on January 2000. As you can see in the graph prior to that point Chicago area home prices were rising faster than the nation as a whole. But soon thereafter Chicago started lagging the nation – right around June 2002 to be exact. During the bubble years Chicago never got as bubblicious as the rest of the country yet it crashed harder than the rest of the country, falling by 39.1% while the rest of the country fell by “only” 27.4%. And now that the nation has fully recovered Chicago is still 18.2% below it’s former peak. Not to mention that the gap between the nation’s home prices and Chicago’s home prices continues to widen with Chicago now 25.4% below the nation. Also, as I routinely point out in my monthly Case Shiller updates, Chicago home prices have not returned to their trendline from before the bubble.
Chicago vs. Nation Home Prices
So what’s the deal? Is it that the Chicago area’s economy is just not as vibrant as the rest of the country’s? Are the city and state’s financial and political woes discouraging people from living here? Those are really the only possibilities, right?
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