Chicago Foreclosure Activity Levels Off Once Again

Once again RealtyTrac has decided not to publish their monthly Foreclosure Market Report, though they did update the data on their site for January. Lately they are doing this more and more as they have many more interesting reports to issue and foreclosure activity is no longer the headline story that it used to be. Nevertheless, I pulled data from their site to update my Chicago foreclosure activity graph below.
The long term trend in foreclosure activity is clearly that it has bottomed with a lot of month to month fluctuations. It was actually disappointing that auction activity hit a 6 month low since this is what clears out the shadow inventory in the system (more on that later). And defaults were essentially unchanged from December. However, bank repossessions actually rose to their highest level in 11 months, which is good from the standpoint that it means banks are dealing with the backlog of troubled properties.
Chicago foreclosure activity

Chicago Shadow Inventory

At the end of the day what we are probably most interested in is Chicago’s shadow inventory – homes that are at some stage of the foreclosure process. As you can see in the graph below it had been plummeting fast for a couple of years and then leveled off. However, December had the largest drop in 20 months. Unfortunately, January went in the opposite direction with an increase of 287 units. It looks to me like we’ve never had an increase of that magnitude since I’ve been tracking the data. Hopefully, this is just noise in the data that will go away soon.
Chicago homes in foreclosure - shadow inventory
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