Chicago Foreclosure Activity Drifted Up In January

ATTOM Data Solutions updated their foreclosure data on the RealtyTrac Web site last week and released a short report on national foreclosure activity for January. Despite an 8% increase in national activity over December there was a 19% decline from last year. Chicago foreclosure activity pretty much followed the same pattern with a 6% increase over December but a 16% decline from last year.
The graph below shows just how much Chicago’s foreclosure activity has died down over the last 6 years. All 3 components (shown in the three colors) have declined in tandem and the January total was the third lowest since I’ve been keeping track. In fact, over the last 22 months there has been only one month when activity increased from the prior year period.

Chicago Foreclosure Activity
Chicago foreclosure activity has declined dramatically since the housing crisis.

Chicago Shadow Inventory

But, at the end of the day, what really matters is how many homes are sitting on the sideline, slowly creeping through the foreclosure pipeline. That is captured in the graph of Chicago homes in foreclosure below, which is currently near a historic low. After experiencing a huge plunge in November (might have just been a some kind of data cleanup in my opinion), the numbers have crept up just a tad in the last 2 months. Nevertheless, it’s clear that this backlog continues to make steady progress.

Chicago homes in foreclosure
Chicago’s shadow inventory of homes in foreclosure is about 1/5 of what it once was.

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