Chicago Area Home Sales Reach Highest Level In 6 Years

Because I post about the City of Chicago home sales activity a couple of weeks ahead of the Illinois Association of Realtors I usually don’t do another post when they finally catch up to me. However, this month I’m making an exception because the one set of statistics that I do wait to update until IAR comes out with their release is the Chicago area homes sales – for what’s called the Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area (PMSA) – the 9 county area. And this month the numbers really impressed me because this September was the highest September in 6 years. You can see this in the graph below where I’ve flagged all the September numbers with a red dot. Clearly the housing market is turning around in the area. The city of Chicago is not doing quite as well but is still dramatically better than it had been.
Chicago PMSA home sales
You can always find this graph, along with many others, on my Chicago housing market statistics page.

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