Case Shiller: Chicago Losing The Home Price Race To Other Metro Areas

Remember on Tuesday when I posted on the November Case Shiller home price indices? At that time I mentioned that the Chicago area was one of the few metro areas that had not recovered back to the peak price levels of the housing bubble. So exactly how bad do we look? I got the graph below from John Wake of Real Estate Decoded. He plots all the Case Shiller index values for all 20 metro areas they follow. The snapshot I took starts in 2000, just before the housing bubble took off. It’s kinda busy but if you look all the way to the right edge of the graph, 3rd line from the bottom in blue…that’s Chicago. That means we had the 3rd lowest cumulative price appreciation over the last 2 decades! And in case you are interested, Detroit and Cleveland are the two lower than Chicago.
Also, if you follow the lines you’ll see that most of them are now above their peak value during the housing bubble. 4 metro areas have not yet surpassed their peak and Chicago is one of them.
The graph I’m showing below is a static snapshot but if you follow the link I included above you can get to John’s original interactive version which allows you to select different metro areas and roll over the lines to identify the metro area and see the data values. You can also adjust the time range on the graph to go further back if you want.

Case Shiller home price index metro areas
Chicago home prices have been lagging most other metro areas for 2 decades

If you’re a Chicago area homeowner this is not good news. But if you are someone looking to relocate to the area or you’re saving up to buy a home this is great news. The Chicago area is widely recognized as having great housing affordability.
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