Assault And Battery In Chicago – The Rest Of The Story

About a week ago I posted on the most dangerous Chicago neighborhoods for assault and battery as a means of providing some useful data for people trying to determine which neighborhoods were safe. But the data I pulled is chock full of a lot of other interesting information about the nature of aggravated assault and battery in Chicago. After eliminating the domestic cases I was left with 10,257 reported cases in one 12 month period.
The first interesting tidbit was that arrests were only recorded in 31% of the cases. I don’t have anything to compare that to but it sure seems low to me.
Time Of Day Pattern For Assault and Battery
As I did with murder in Chicago I looked at the time of day that you are most likely to get physically harmed and the time pattern is very similar to murder, with a dip between the hours of 4 AM and 9 AM and a mysterious peak in the mid afternoon.
Assault and battery in Chicago by hour of day
Reported Assault And Battery Cases In Chicago By Day Of Year
And I also checked the pattern over the course of the year except this time I plotted a 7 day moving average, which avoids the problem of a different number of days in each month and also shows fluctuations over the course of the year. As with murder, the data shows a dip during the winter months and a peak during the warmer months. It might be a function of temperature or the number of hours of sunlight during the day – longer days means more hours of people interacting with each other. Apparently, people just can’t all get along.
Assault and battery chicago by day of year
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