Anthony Pritzker Builds Home 6 Times The Size Of His Sister's

Could this be a case of sibling rivalry? A while back I highlighted Penny Pritzker’s home at 1875 N Orchard as one of the biggest homes of Lincoln Park. I thought it was pretty damn big at 8422 square feet. However, Penny’s home is dwarfed in comparison to the home her brother Anthony Pritzker is building in Los Angeles which will be 49,000 square feet. And yet it will not be the biggest home in the neighborhood because some Saudi prince is building a 70,000 square foot home.
Designed by an architecture firm in Paris, the construction required the involvement of a small army of consultants and is being built by Peter McCoy construction. Here are some of the features of the home:

  • Two lane bowling alley
  • Special area for hair dressing
  • Gym with changing rooms
  • “Floating pool” – does the pool float or is that all it’s good for?
  • His and hers offices
  • Arts-and-crafts room
  • Detached recreation room
  • Entertainment foyer with bar
  • Media library
  • Staff rooms
  • Project room

The aerial photo below gives you a pretty good idea of the mammoth scale of this thing. Looks sort of like a cruise ship. You can also make out the solar panels that were either installed to reduce Anthony’s carbon footprint on the planet or to save money. In reality solar doesn’t do either of those so I’m surprised that a smart businessman like Anthony would make that decision.
anthony pritzker home
I guess it should come as no surprise that Anthony would build a bigger home than Penny. After all he has 6 children and is worth much more than his sister – $2.5 billion vs. Penny’s mere $1.7 billion.
How did Anthony Pritzker make his money? Of course, he inherited most of it but he has also done quite well on his own. In addition to running a bunch of successful companies he now runs the Pritzker Group, a private equity firm, with his brother J B and their investments have done quite well.

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