Additional Thought On Remodeling Your Home Before Selling It

In response to DarkAngel’s comment on my last post about redmodeling your home before selling it I wanted to follow up with one additional thought. In that previous post I made the case that it wasn’t worth remodeling in order to increase the value of your home. If you do you’re going to typically lose up to 45% of the money you invest. However, as DarkAngel pointed out, there is another exception to my logic. If you are thinking of moving in a few years and would like to enjoy the benefits of remodeling yourself for a while then it could make sense. For instance, if you lose 28% (average loss according to the data) on a $15,000 kitchen remodel, and you amortize that over 2 years then it’s only costing you $2100/year for a nicer kitchen. That might be worth it for you if you really hate your current kitchen.

BTW, DarkAngel, I don’t think I post enough either. I have lots of ideas for posts that never make it on the page. It would appear that the damn business keeps getting in the way of my hobbies 🙂

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