Addison, Illinois Real Estate Market: Single Family Home Sales

Because I live and work in Addison, Illinois and am active in the Addison Chamber of Commerce, I frequently look at data relating to the Addison Housing Market.  Today, I reviewed all single family home sales in Addison over the last four months (October 2011 through February 1, 2012.  55 single family homes sold ranging in price from $49,000 to $416,000 with 78% of the home selling for under $200k.   The three bedroom ranch home located at 104 Iowa was pretty decent on the first floor, but the basement was definitely built for Mayans – the ceilings are lower than 5 feet high, and the basement was full of mold and it sold for $50k.  On the other end of the spectrum, the buyers who paid above $400k (two of them ) got beautiful new construction homes at bargain prices!

On average, the homes were for sale in the Addison, IL real estate market for 180 days – the majority of the homes were 3 bedrooms with 6 or 7 rooms with a few having more or less rooms.  Still staggering is the number of distressed sales, which is 48%.  While its down from the 2011 rate of 51%, it still is a huge factor in the home values in Addison, Illinois.  For comparsion sake, the rate of distressed sales in Elmhurst for 2011 was 15% and in Lombard, distressed sales account for 32% of the single family homes sales.

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