$25 MM Villa Taj Mansion In Burr Ridge Now On Sale For Only $5 MM

It’s probably a stretch to call the intensely weird home in Burr Ridge, known alternately as Villa Taj and Palace Royale, a $25 MM mansion but that’s what it was initially listed for. And after 11 years – yes, that’s almost how long it’s been on and off the market – it is now available to you for the extremely affordable price of only $5 MM. They just dropped the price again on Thursday.
To be fair, the home at 6501 S County Line Rd has actually sold a couple of times during the last 11 years to delusional developers/ investors who I can only assume lost their asses, as I am sure the original owner did also. If you want to know the incredibly bizarre history on this thing – it’s way more than just a story of a house that won’t sell – it’s worth reading my last blog post on the subject. I summarized the history of Villa Taj pretty well in that post so there’s no point in repeating myself here. That post also contains several links to older blog posts I’ve done about this home over the years that go into the individual stories that were unfolding at the time. I love writing about high profile pain and this is about as painful as it gets.
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