2394 City Of Chicago Employees Earn More Than $100,000

Although this has nothing to do with real estate it does impact your property taxes. Someone shared this link on Facebook yesterday and I thought it was pretty interesting. It’s the City of Chicago data portal. And what it shows is pretty eye opening regarding how this city works:

  • 2394 city employees earn more than $100,000. When you look at this list the thing that pops out at you is that there are an awful lot of people with titles that include words like assistant and deputy making over $100K. Then there are the assistant deputies.
  • There are 95 asphalt helpers making $73,216. Think if we opened these jobs up to the general public we might be able to find cheaper labor?
  • 55 carpenters make $84,802. Ditto my comment above.
  • 150 cement mixers make $73,216. Ditto again.
  • There are 98 salaried traffic control aides making up to $58,860 and another 485 hourly aides that only make $18,886. I assume that these are the people who stand in the intersections wearing the yellow vests telling you what color the light is.
  • There are 30 water rate takers making between $64,248 and $81,000.

Actually, I was surprised that the mayor makes so little ($216,210), and a lot less than the superintendent of police ($260,004).
As with most government stuff this is really messed up. No wonder property taxes are so high.

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