Tax Deductible Moving Expenses

Many of the expenses connected with moving may be tax deductible, if the move is job related*.  Some of these include:

To substantiate your claim, keep an accurate, detailed account of your moving expenses, including all receipts.* It is recommended that you consult with your own tax advisor or attorney to determine what is currently allowable under IRS codes specific to your individual circumstances.

Special Care for Pets & Plants

Moving companies are not allowed to handle the shipment of pets, so you will need to explore your alternatives.

Shipping animals by air is the fastest and most convenient method.  Most airlines are familiar with the care and handling requirements of animals.

If you must take your pet with you in the car, call ahead to make sure pets are allowed at your overnight stop.  Check with your veterinarian for hints that could make the trip more enjoyable for both you and your pet.  Before moving, be sure licenses and all vaccinations are up-to-date.

House plants do not travel well in the dark interior of moving vans.  Plants are difficult to pack and may have to survive several days without light and water.  Moving companies will not guarantee the condition of plants that are shipped and some states will not allow you to bring plants across their state line due to the possible transportation of harmful insects or diseased vegetation.   Check ahead before bringing plants with you to ensure that you will be allowed to cross state borders with them.