***Home Seller Program***

Discount Commissions

Because our home marketing costs are not proportional to the price of a home we don't charge a flat commission like other real estate brokers. Instead, we use a sliding scale where the commission percentage decreases for more expensive homes. First, we help you determine the appropriate cooperating commission to offer buyer's agents. Then we determine the "sell side" commission based upon the price of the home. The end result is that instead of charging 6% we can charge as little as 3 1/4% for more expensive homes.

Full Service

Full service doesn't have to mean full price! Lucid Realty will provide you with better home marketing services than a traditional broker but for a lot less money. Most traditional real estate agents would like you to believe that they provide some "unique", "comprehensive" marketing program for homes. The fact of the matter is that any true professional trying to justify a high commission is going to offer you the same basic package consisting of some variation of the following:

It turns out that some of these home marketing programs are bogus,designed to simply pacify you, justify a higher commission, or help the agent/broker generate more business for themselves at your expense. And despite all this bluster the #1 complaint of home sellers is that their realtor doesn't keep them informed about what is happening on the sale of their home.

At Lucid Realty we can match anything that a traditional real estate broker provides - and then some - but we do it for a lower commission and you don't need to sacrifice the personal touch of a traditional broker. Most importantly, we promise to provide you with regular feedback and insights about your sale.

If you are ready to explore our Home Seller Program you can:

On the other hand, if you are thinking of selling your home yourself you should first read our article on considering the for sale by owner option.